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II Ogród Jordanowski SP 70, 5.11.2020

Zaktualizowano: 19 lis 2020

Hello everybody, I hope You're all well.


Play all the video a video about the British media. Watch and listen carefully.

Ex 1. Watch and number the topics described in a–f in the order they are mentioned (uporządkuj w kolejności w jakiej wymieniane są w filmie).

a) other TV broadcasters

b) sales of newspapers

c) broadsheet newspapers

d) the BBC

e) tabloid newspapers

f) computers

Ex 2. Watch 00:00–02:04 (fragment nagrania od początku do 2 min. 4 sek., gdzie zatrzymujemy video.) Choose the correct answer.

1 In the UK, sales of newspapers are ... . a) going up b) going down

2 The most popular newspapers in the UK are ... . a) tabloids b) broadsheets

3 The Sun is a ... . a) tabloid b) broadsheet

4 Broadsheet newspapers have ... .

a) stories about celebrities and sport b) important news stories

5 The Times is a ... . a) tabloid b) broadsheet

Ex 3. Read the facts about the Internet and TV and guess the correct answers/ Przeczytaj zdania poniżej i zgadnij , które odpowiedzi są prawdziwe.

1 People in the UK are / aren’t interested in the news.

2 Not many / All the major newspapers have websites.

3 20 / 75 percent of homes in the UK have a computer.

4 The Internet / TV is now more important than newspapers.

5 The BBC started in 1936 / 1927.

6 The BBC started with TV / radio broadcasting.

Now watch section 02:04–04:00 and check your answers./ Obejrzyj fragment filmu od 2 min 4 sek. do 4min. i sprawdź swoje odpowiedzi.

Ex 4. Watch this section 04:00–05:23 Are the sentences T (true) or F (false)?

1 The BBC is the world’s largest broadcast organization. T / F

2 The BBC is famous for news, documentaries and costume dramas. T / F

3 The BBC is paid for by advertising. T / F

4 Other TV broadcasters don’t have advertising. T / F

5 TV in the UK is broadcast through satellite, cable and digitally. T / F

6 You can’t watch TV on the Internet. T / F

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